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7,45 EUR*
Details Busch 49029 - Ford Crown Victoria, Dispatch Taxi

Ford Crown unterwegs als US-Taxi in schwarz/weißer Farbgebung mit Aufdruck »Dispatch / Taxi Affiliation« aus Texas.

37,99 EUR*
Details Ornamentalism: The Art of Renaissance Accessories

"A pleasurable and illuminating collection that sets out the important implications of accessories and shows how conspicuous consumption and ornamental ostentation aim to secure status and display affiliation. "Ornamentalism" explains how accessories ...

24,08 EUR*
Details A Mine of Meaning: Ma'din ul-Ma'ani

Filled with spiritual advice and inspiring teaching stories, this book will interest both the scholar and the seeker regardless of religious affiliation. Presenting the collected discourses of 14th-century Sufi Master Sharafuddin Yahya Maneri, it ...

26,00 EUR*
Details Vintage photo of Portrait of George Docking.

Size Size of photo 4.8" x 6.5"  George Docking was the 35th Governor of Kansas. Docking changed party affiliations when Franklin D. Roosevelt was first nominated for president. In 1952, he became the fundraiser for the presidential campaign of Adlai ...

17,67 EUR*
Details Ganesha, Ganesh, Divine Ganesha Wall Hanging

Ganesha, also known as 'Vinayaka' or 'Ganapati' is the most widely worshipped god in India by many religions, irrespective of their affiliation. This name is a combination of Gana + Isha, with Gana meaning multitude, and 'Isha' meaning God. He is said ...

9,99 EUR*
Details Spirituality: A Very Short Introduction (Very Short Introductions)

Spirituality: A Very Short Introduction "It is a striking aspect of contemporary western culture that, alongside a decline in traditional religious affiliations, there has been a growing interest in spirituality and the use of the word in a variety of ...

52,49 EUR*
Details Road Dogs and Loners: Family Relationships Among Homeless Men

Road Dogs and Loners Using ethnographic interviews, an affiliation scale, and observational data from two "soup kitchens" of homeless men, Road Dogs and Loners investigates the various family types that homeless road dogs and loners rely on for ...

86,45 EUR*
Details New Directions in Islamic Thought: Exploring Reform and Muslim Tradition

New Directions in Islamic Thought How are Muslims to reconcile their beliefs with the pressures and imperatives of the modern world? How should they handle the tension between their roles as private citizens and their religious affiliations and ...

14,09 EUR*
Details Nice Bike: Making Meaningful Connections on the Road of Life

Nice Bike Nice Bike is a collection of stories based on making meaningful connections with others in both your work and in your life. It's about being a part of a community, knowing that contributions matter and experiencing a greater affiliation with ...

26,00 EUR*
Details Vintage photo of People marching on bridge, holding flag in hand.Siawe

Size Size of photo 7" x 5.1"  The Society of Iranian-American Women for Education (SIAWE) was established as a nonprofit charitable corporation under the laws of the state of Texas. The Society does not have any religious or political affiliation and ...

13,38 EUR*
Details How I Changed My Mind About Women in Leadership: Compelling Stories from Prominent Evangelicals

How I Changed My Mind About Women in Leadership Well-known evangelical leaders from a broad range of denominational affiliations and ethnic diversity share their surprising journeys from a restrictive view about women in leadership to an open ...

23,69 EUR*
Details Meeting Your Match Online: The Complete Guide to Internet Dating and Dating Services - Including True Life Date Stories

Meeting Your Match Online Internet dating has several advantages, among them the ability to discover everything about a potential partner before ever meeting them. You can learn their age, religious affiliations, education, expectations, interests ...